While “Posts” can be an expanded card (as displayed), I think “Recommendations” & “Following” should be minimized such that selecting their headers prompts their content to drop-down.

In addition, “Background” should be a drop-down under the user’s (Bill Gates’) summary in the left column.

One of the most annoying UI aspects on LinkedIn is that so much of the content is below-the-fold. It’s a difficult problem to troubleshoot too, because sometimes I’m looking for a user’s Posts; other times his Background info — so I don’t think it’s easy to prioritize one profile aspect over another (i.e. by placing above-the-fold).

I’m sure the A/B tests indicate a higher CTR when the content menus are pre-deployed, but I think LinkedIn would get more total traffic (and therefore more marginal clicks) were its UX more navigable, as described above.

“Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away...” 👉 http://annotote.launchrock.com

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