Tyler and Sgt
You both made good points and raised good questions in your responses (Tyler’s above and Sgt’s here). Here’s a counterfactual that you both should read:

That should address your central questions as to…

  1. Why people “manipulate [new innovations] so they can have complete control” (as Tyler said), and why that’s “not entirely conscious or nefarious [but] often easily explained as inertial and altruistic” (as the story above says)
  2. Why competition isn’t a realistic solution (e.g. whether spectrum or fiber, the infrastructure is incredible capital intensive and environmentally invasive, so not only does it make more sense to mandate competition atop a monopoly infrastructure provider, but economies of scale assure that the big would only get bigger in an unfettered market)
  3. The decentralized internet (as Sgt asked)

Of course, the free and open web is prone to beg, borrow, and steal your attention. Reading blogs, news, and research has always been an inefficient user experience — like finding needles in haystacks — but now Annotote is the antidote, so check it out: Don’t waste time or attention; get straight to the point.

“Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away...” 👉 http://annotote.launchrock.com

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