This is exactly why AR is not the next next big thing (the voice interface is). From “Apple’s HomePod: Threading a Needle”:

“With ARKit, Apple has accelerated the flywheel again, as it is wont to do historically. Not only can augmented reality move the conversation away from voice toward the next next big thing, but it can also leverage Apple’s device advantage. It further warrants that $2,000 buy-in and tries to assure that screens still have a place in a screenless epoch. But, it doesn’t change the fact that audio is the next big thing. Like mp3’s beating video to the punch a generation ago, culminating with iTunes’ proliferation, we’re just not equipped for a visual-first experience yet today. Audio already has the pieces in place to enable a more frictionless experience; Google Glass, Snap Spectacles, and iPhones aren’t sufficiently simple vehicles for video delivery.)”

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