Snapchat trying to beat-down the iPhone using Apple’s own playbook

With the launch of Memories, Snapchat has beaten Apple to this “cloud camera” punch. (For the record, Google still has the ecosystem to beat all comers with its headstart in Tech 3.0 and its slow creep back into social, led by their best-in-class Google Photos. However, they’re missing-out by not launching a native camera in-app.)

Apple’s vulnerable here because of…

  1. Incompetent cloud storage strategy:
    Apple’s history with the cloud is analogous to Google’s with social media. The result will be the same too, since they won’t be able to stop the slow bleed, and they’ll have to iterate endlessly to find an improvisational bandaid.
  2. Subordination of UX to monopoly power:
    Apple’s UX always differentiated it, but it’s now encumbering the user experience in order to lock-out 3rd party apps it views as competitors, which was ironically Microsoft’s error too. The correct strategy for an incumbent is to commoditize the upstart’s valuable asset — in this case, for Apple to release a Camera Roll API to developers before Snapchat distinguished itself with a work-around.

“Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away...” 👉

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