Like your outside-the-box thinking with regards to Apple building a home battery, although it’s a bit of a lottery ticket. With regards to your HomePod excerpt, Apple’s positioning it as a music device is consistent with the company’s time-honored approach to rolling-out consumer products with their strongest value propositions clearly defined:

In sum, as I’ve written:

“…using music as HomePod’s value proposition is the right wedge — a core competency for Apple. Nevertheless, Apple lacks the full stack required to win the voice interface race… the window is closing for Apple to stake its claim by explicitly playing to its strengths…

“If we assume Apple will maintain its prohibitive privacy policy, its only chance to win marketshare in the voice interface is dependent upon outclassing the competition across all three of those components (Ecosystem/Integrations/Ubiquity) by an order of magnitude akin to the iPhone vs the Nokia brick.”

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