Senator Ted Cruz

Ok, this has gotten more interesting. Your lack of public engagement in the wake of your endorsement of Donald Trump colors you in a different light. I had given you the benefit of the doubt, as I painstakingly articulated, but you’ve left me with egg on my face.

Turns out that you were just rent-seeking. You used your celebrity to either clear your conscience or extract attention from the Medium platform, with no intention of contributing to the constructive discourse. You had no interest in altruism. You’re coming-off as a naval-gazing, rationalizing, God-fearing lemming (extra-Stannis), who likes the sound of his own voice reverberating in his own echo chamber – constituents be damned.

Senator Ted Cruz

It’s crazy that LeBron James had a more articulate, thorough, impassioned endorsement of his candidate, Hillary Clinton, than you did yours. While a public figure, Mr. James is a private citizen. He has no obligation to explain himself or justify his rationale. If we’re to believe your attestations that this is an existential election of multi-generational significance, I would’ve expected more from you – especially considering that this is quite literally your job. But, despite the professed stakes, you won’t champion your cause.

Don’t fret, dear Senator, because I’m sure everyone will forget your decorum come the 2020 push. Whether you’re driven to please your God or your Melisandre, may you be judged by what you’ve professed, not by how you’ve performed.

“Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away...” 👉