No sweat man, I enjoyed your piece! Idk if you read my OpEd that I originally linked to, but to be clear, I don’t mind being locked-in to an ecosystem. I just happen to think Google has a significantly better ecosystem than Apple for the mass market (and most of the market). Even if you don’t want to switch from Apple, Google Photos has ubiquitous, free, unlimited storage that syncs in the background just like iCloud – for all your devices, even your iPhone/iOS.

Furthermore, another one of my points was that we’re buffoons for buying 64+ GB iPhones, at a premium price, when that necessitates more premium-priced iCloud storage to handle interoperability. Smarter to just get the premium iCloud and forgo premium, native device storage.

Cloud storage is abundant and free. Native storage is limited and expensive. Apple doesn’t have an answer for the former or the latter.

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