No, I have multiple complaints therein, and I described the “structural” inhibitor as follows:

“Apple structurally can’t compete, because the cloud is a synergistic byproduct spun-off in abundance from the core businesses of Google and Amazon.”

In other words, as Amazon’s core ecommerce business grows, cloud storage capacity grows too, as part of its own OpEx. Same with Google’s core search business. Cloud is a synergy for those companies: they have it in abundance, and they have incidental expertise in it. All they’ve done is rent space alongside their own data to 3rd parties, like licensing their supply chain — productizing it. They’re able to spread the cloud’s fixed costs across not only a SaaS revenue base, but also their own core revenues.

Apple doesn’t have a core business in which cloud storage is such a natural byproduct — certainly not at such scale.

UPDATE: For a longer explanation, see this…

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