This is part of Annotote’s thesis, and there are a lot of top journalists and influencers on the network, so I think that usage case is resonating. They’ve cited four primary reasons for the industry leveraging Annotote…

  1. Knowledge retention/management:
    Saving their highlights and comments for all the important content they read (or write).
  2. Branding:
    It allows them to build a personal brand, consolidating their portfolio of reading and writing in an archival library, like a Dribbble for journalists. Whether they’re lifelong freelancers or masthead journeymen, Annotote lets them become destinations unto themselves, giving them a permanent home for all of their work and ownership of their reader relationships.
  3. Engagement:
    It’s the most natural way for a journalist to engage with his/her audience—by literally opening their own annotations from their own reading digest and authored content to everyone/anyone they want.
  4. Signal-to-noise ratio:
    It also provides valuable services for readers, like providing content summaries that get straight to the point — respecting the audience’s time and attention.

If journalists are our intellectual rock stars, Annotote is like opening Mick Jagger’s Spotify account to the public, letting everyone follow what he’s listening to and what he thinks of it, in real time.

Check it out:

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