Followups: In Da Clubhouse' s live audio and vertical social

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by Annotote TLDR 2018.12.27

by The New York Times (NYT) 2021.03.04

A new company called Audio Collective has launched to help build businesses on Clubhouse as brands rush to leverage the platform…

Some creators feel that the app is underselling them. When a person signs up for Clubhouse, they are prompted to follow the app’s suggested users; many of those users are investors in the app and their close associates. Audio Collective’s aim is to help elevate creative voices…

Creators from Audio Collective say they view themselves as part of a larger shift toward independent work, following in the footsteps of Instagram influencers, YouTubers, TikTok stars and Twitch streamers…

by Dino Becirovic (Memos Substack) 2021.03.04

Clubhouse is the fastest-growing social network to emerge from the West in this past decade… It took Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter 29 months, 15 months, and 21 months respectively to reach 8 million monthly downloads on mobile. Clubhouse has done so in less than 12 months… it’s also a rare example of a social product that is synchronous, public by nature, and centered around real user identities…

Upwards of 10% of users contribute on live audio platforms (speaking and/or hosting rooms) compared to <1% of users creating on YouTube and <2% of users streaming on Twitch…

As we’ve seen with Twitter Spaces, it’s likely that existing platforms will layer on audio as a new feature rather than launch a standalone product… [It] will be subpar relative to Clubhouse given the limited real estate it can consume. Notably, Twitter Spaces today lacks presence and discovery, which are two of the most powerful drivers of synchronous interaction…

If [Clubhouse] can cross the 50 million MAU ceiling (which few social products have achieved) before any serious competition emerges, it will be impossible for anyone to displace them.

by The Verge 2021.03.14

The accelerator will accept 20 creators… It’s also added some product features that users have been asking for, including link sharing and language filtering. The app also won’t require access to users’ phone contacts anymore, now, users can invite new people to the platform directly by using the person’s phone number.

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