What happened to the platform strategy you were pursuing? Not trolling you; just genuinely curious if you’re still pursuing that plan. In a relatively commoditized industry, that vision was a very ambitious stab at differentiation:

My use of “very ambitious” is to say that the difficulty of attaining the unconscionable scale needed to pull-it-off is balanced by the potential reward for doing so. (After all, low probability x massive reward = zero expected value) It sounded like a Buffett/Berkshire model cum venture capital. Like Masa/Softbank except differentiated more by services than sheer scale.

I know you’ve shipped some product, like $IPOA, but wondering if you’re still launching or iterating on other modular building blocks for a capital-as-a-service platform?

I certainly don’t always agree with you, but I’m always willing to listen to thoughtful perspectives…

Since we’re talking about product launches…

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