Belichick’s paradox

TLDR: Bill Belichick’s gameplans seem conservative, but they’re actually quite fragile, because they assume the Patriots have an infallible defense and offense… putting the GOAT’s accomplishments in perspective.

Bill Belichick has always done this, but it’s particularly acute this year…

The Patriots’ strategy is so offensively conservative that they’re willing to shut-down all scoring to avert turnovers (and injuries?) whenever they have a two-possession lead.

So, Belichick is putting every game in the defense’s hands, which implies that they have both a shutdown D (to preserve lead) and an infallible O (to catchup if lead lost). Irrespective of the 2016/17 squad, that’s been the implication even in years when that was incontrovertibly cognitive dissonance. That’s “Belichick’s Paradox.”

Furthermore, Belichick claims not to be data dependent, but his gameplans have unwaveringly high conviction that turnovers & injuries kill seasons. Sure, but what I can’t resolve is why his approach is same in do-or-die playoff games that should be pedal-to-the-metal, go-big-or-go-home.

Finally, the haters will perk-up at this, but Tom Brady’s even more amazing given the Patriots’ conservative approach + his 4 game suspension + he’s still in #MVP convo.

/cc The Ringer, Bill Simmons

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