While there are certainly examples of abuse, AMP is not one of them:

And I definitely agree with your conclusion:

We must fight to diversify the internet, uphold open standards, and stamp out monopoly.

…but populist misunderstanding of both aggregator economics and antitrust applicability is a bigger inhibitor of rival innovation than Big Tech’s bear hugs. From “The Carrot and the Stick”:

New entrants can only sustain were they to aim for “new market disruption” in which they occupy incumbents’ blindspots — completely new vectors where incumbents can’t squash upstarts for fear of cannibalizing their own, preexisting cash cows. Think in terms of Google disrupting Microsoft by organizing the chaotic web — as opposed to Firefox just building a better browser than Internet Explorer. Don’t build a better mouse-trap; build a waterwheel the mouse can spin to produce hydroelectricity.

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